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Factory Made Modular Kitchen

A well-prepared measured kitchen adds shimmering enjoyment to your home. Lifemate Infra and Consultants Pvt .Ltd. gives your kitchen a tastefully planned hope to satisfy your necessities and get changed in accordance with your accessible space. Aside from being a cooking place, your kitchen is a unique spot where the family assembles around, eat together and gets to know each other. In this way, planning kitchen is more fundamental nowadays. It is our central goal to guarantee that your kitchen is totally planned with inventive plans and imaginative innovation. Regardless, whether your need of a measured kitchen is present day or exemplary, we have something for everybody. Let us have a diagram of the apparent multitude of significant perspectives which we will be dealing with while planning an ideal kitchen for your home.

LICPL Modular Kitchen

Customized Bookshelf

If you have a load of books that you’d love to show, a rich rack is the right furniture piece for you. Rack furniture can change and improve any room and can be an exceptional enhancement that reflects your character. Clean up a rack with handpicked knickknacks, photographs, and various collectibles and you’ll be astounded at how it updates the style of your home. We, at Lifemate Infra, recommend the going with styles and pointers to recollect when you buy a rack on the web

Waterproofing Work

With our involvement with the Interior/Exterior Design and Contracting Industry, we have the mastery to cost-successfully remodel your home. We adhere to the assessed financial plan and convey on time.

Rainwater Harvesting Work

Rainwater is a free characteristic asset that you can catch, store, and use in your structure, regardless of whether it is a current structure or another form. The current rooftop, drain framework, and downpipes on a structure can without much of a stretch be utilized to gather water, which moves through a line network into the framework.

3D Epoxy

Our 3D floors are 100% solids, two-segment custom deck framework. The material we fabricate is involved an exceptional figured Poly-Crystallite Product. How to make 3d floor materials? These 3D floor coatings require a groundwork coat, TRX Base Coat, an UV safe 100% Solids TR FLOOR clearcoat.

Modular Workstation

Our scope of items incorporate present-day leader bend straight secluded workstation, desk area office measured workstation, most recent office bend direct particular workstation, consecutive direct particular workstation, current curvilinear measured workstation, and measured workstation in pre-covered particleboard

Modular Chair

A home turns into a more joyful spot when you don’t need to conform to anything. Be it the solace, style or plan. The best piece of the house is the point at which the furniture is completely at its place. Thusly, purchase secluded furniture to increase your home with magnificence and obligation.

We offer Affordable Office & Home Renovation Work

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